I trained in two different modalities - CBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Where the goal is to reduce the symptoms of mental health problems or modify a behaviour, I generally suggest cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT is a structured, goal-orientated psychotherapy utilising solution-focused planning and practical interventions. This involves exercises to be completed between sessions. These exercises are developed collaboratively and will always progress at a patient's individual pace. Still, it requires a significant level of commitment.

My perspective on psychodynamic psychotherapy is that its strength lies in its capacity for enabling introspection and self expression. I consider it an art rather than a science. It isn't goal-orientated beyond illuminating the psyche, and as such, any gains in the form of a reduction of symptoms or a change in behaviour would be secondary. The narratives that define us shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Psychodynamic psychotherapy explores these narratives within the context of psychoanalytic theory.

Which modality to work in would be decided collaboratively in the first session.